Group Villa Rentals

Events Policy and Renting Multiple Villas

Villa vacations are perfect for large groups - the more the happier!

Choose one villa with several bedrooms, or multiple villas very close to each other for large groups of adventurous friends, your family reunion, milestone event, executive retreat or a multi-family getaway!

A limited number of luxury villas may accommodate your special occasion; or you may seek out quality venues through a trusted local wedding planner... your choice! ( See Island Weddings & Events )

In addition to the Caribbean Villas Management Property Lease Agreement , we at Caribbean Villas Management, LLC (CVM) would like to inform all guests of our policy regarding the rental of multiple properties for the purpose of short term vacations or the hosting of events (which are also subject to the CVM Events Policy), to be referred to as a “Group Rental”.

We want our guests to enjoy their time at the villas we represent. We also have a responsibility to our owners to ensure that their properties are utilized in the way intended and are not subject to over-use or loss. The villas are uniquely furnished and appointed, and when booking more than one villa concurrently, please abide by the following:

Caribbean Villas Management wishes to maintain a tranquil atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of Guests as well as the community; our villas are located in quiet residential neighborhoods. We rent to responsible adults only; there are to be absolutely NO house parties, commercial uses or functions such as weddings allowed without advance written permission from Caribbean Villas Management (please request a copy of the Events Policy for this purpose; subject to owner approval, minimum stay and use requirements, and additional fees and deposits).


  • Move items between the properties. Each villa has its own staff, and they have no way of knowing that what is missing is actually in another property - villa staff will report this as loss, theft or damage for which Guest will be liable. There will be NO REFUNDS on items improperly moved between villas that are reported as lost, stolen or damaged that later turn up at another property;
  • Exceed the maximum headcount for sleeping arrangements in any of the properties being rented;
  • Host any parties, functions, gatherings or events at any of the properties being rented unless CVM Events Policy agreed to (signed) and on file with CVM, and all additional charges and deposits paid in full. All persons booked in each villa is expected to sleep, dine, bathe and reside in the property as assigned;
  • Move any furnishings or decorative items in any of the villas being rented;
  • Allow the total number in the rental group to exclusively use one villa to place a burden on its utilities and resources;
  • Park cars in such a way as to obstruct reasonable ingress and egress for the neighborhood, block driveways or occupy reserved parking at any time;
  • Create noise or disturbance past 10:00pm or before 9:00am that might disturb the quiet enjoyment of neighbors;
  • Fail to report loss or damage at any property being rented;
  • Violate age restrictions at any villa being rented. ALL REQUIRED WAIVERS MUST BE ON FILE;
  • Arrival and departure times may vary between multiple villas – these will be enforced except by advance permission granted via CVM.